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3 Ways To Conserve Water in Your Commercial Building

4/17/2019 (Permalink)

Techniques For Conserving Water At Your Place Of Business.

Owning a business comes with many expenses, and they are often not negotiable. Tackling your water issues, however, can be a boost to your budget. Rather than pouring your money down the drain every month, try some of these techniques for conserving water at your place of business.

1. Appliance Upgrades

One of the easiest ways to use less water is to invest in a water upgrade whenever possible. Some upgrades include:

  • Low-flow toilets
  • Touch-operated sinks
  • Energy efficient appliances

You may be amazed at how much money you can save on your water bill in Gladstone, MO, just by switching to appliances that use less water. The main benefit of this strategy is that you don’t really need employee cooperation to make it work. The upgrades do the work for you.

2. Meter Separation

A general reading from your water meter only tells you your overall water use. To analyze your water issues to see where you need to cut back, you need to submeter usages such as your irrigation system and cooling tower. Once you separate those readings from the rest of your usage, you can better assess where you are using the most water and which of your conservation strategies are working the best.

3. Irrigation Planning

You may notice that your water sprinklers are getting the sidewalk just as wet as the lawn. Maybe your automated sprinklers turn on in the heat of the day, even in summer. Perhaps your drainage system causes water to pool near your foundation where it can cause water damage rather than distributing water to the vegetation where it’s needed. By implementing a sensible irrigation plan, you can maximize its effectiveness and probably save money on both the water bill and water remediation services at the same time.

Conserving water starts with assessing your water issues. With a little bit of planning and a few upgrades, you may be able to drastically reduce your water bill.

3 Steps to Professional Mold Remediation for Your Commercial Building

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial 3 Steps to Professional Mold Remediation for Your Commercial Building If you find mold in your commercial building, call SERVPRO.

Mold Remediation Process For Your Commercial Building  

Discovering a black mold problem in your Kansas City, MO , commercial building can be distressing. This type of fungus can spread quickly and you may not be sure how to handle its removal. Calling in a professional mold cleaning and removal service can be a first effective step in proper remediation and to ensure this damaging substance does not return.

1. Containment

Once mold cleanup technicians arrive at your business, they will likely target and attempt to contain the mold to prevent it from spreading further. Actions may include sealing off the room where the mold was found and turning off the building’s ventilation system to prevent spores from traveling through the ducts. If water damage is discovered, the moisture source will be identified and remedied.

2. Evacuation of the Building

Before the black mold can be removed, employees and customers will likely be asked to leave the building. This step is to further prevent the spread of mold to other areas and so that techs can bring in equipment and tools safely. The area may have to remain empty until all of the mold is removed and necessary repairs are completed. Your technicians may be able to give you a likely time frame for service completion in case you need to temporarily close your business while the mold is dealt with.

3. Evaluation and Restoration

The mold remediation and restoration specialists who work on your building will likely inspect the area once it has been contained and cleaned to ensure all the fungi is gone and moisture issues have been resolved before they continue with any restoration actions. You may receive a complete remediation report, along with recommended repair processes, so you understand what building materials may need replacing due to mold damage.

Black mold can cause serious damage to your Kansas City, MO , commercial building. Working with professionals from a remediation and repair service that specializes in the removal of fungi can help you feel more confident about the outcome.

Digital Files Replace Paper for Increased Efficiency and Security

3/24/2019 (Permalink)

Insurance agents play various roles, depending on which company they represent, but when the time comes to file an insurance claim, the related work can still be tedious and time-consuming. In the past, insurance companies have relied heavily on paper documents and files. However, many insurance companies and corporate partners have begun turning to electronic files, experiencing several important benefits.

  • Quick access to vast information from a smartphone or laptop
  • Diverse ways to search and organize information
  • Ability to enter information at the agents' convenience
  • Reduced paper consumption and waste

The Conversion to Electronic Files

SERVPRO has a digital claims center that has transformed the process of filing an insurance claim. Now, an insurance agent doesn't have to hunt through banks of filing cabinets looking for specific documents that may have been misfiled. Insurance companies aren't compelled to house vast histories of past filing. Rooms or warehouses full of filing cabinets and cases can be cleared out as they are converted into electronic file systems.

The Trouble With Paper Files

Other common problems of relying on a paper system include protecting confidentiality, the difficulty of accessing information from similar cases in other states, and the clutter that reduces efficiency. Using the SERVPRO electronic Claims Information Center, it is much easier to access and share complete files or just the facts and figures from the documents. As paper documents are converted into electronic files, the need to maintain and work around file cabinets decreases. Agents in Gladstone, MO, can complete each insurance claim without spending several minutes traveling or flipping through manila folders.

The Issue of Security

Of course, security is one of the top concerns for SERVPRO corporate professionals and for insurance agencies. Fortunately, electronic files are generally more secure than paper copies. The ability to track and record access is much better digitally. From a single location, corporate security teams can keep an eye on who can see files and where information is shared.

Converting information into electronic files helps insurance agents complete their work more quickly. As information is saved digitally, it is easier to use, to share, and to protect. It's a winning solution for everyone involved.

What You Should Know About Secondary Damage

3/14/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What You Should Know About Secondary Damage Water damage in walls and wooden floor as a result of water absorption

Water damage that affects your home in Kansas City, MO, can unfortunately cause additional issues such as black mold and other problems following the primary damage. It’s often useful to understand what problems often follow primary damage in order to prevent more destruction from occurring.

How Quickly Does It Occur?

After primary damage occurs in a home, secondary problems can occur in a short amount of time. In general, there are various factors that can affect how quickly secondary problems will occur. However, in many instances, the following can occur after the initial water damage:

  • Mold can grow as soon as 24-48 hours
  • Water from a clean source can become contaminated within days
  • Structural issues can begin within hours

Common Examples

There are a wide variety of issues that can take place after a home is impacted by flooding. Common problems that occur as the result of the primary damage often include:

  • Black mold growing in areas that are damp
  • Wooden floors beginning to warp after they have absorbed water
  • Structural damage in walls as a result of water absorption and high humidity levels

Can This Type of Destruction Be Prevented?

Although it’s not always possible to prevent flooding, there are often steps you can take to prevent additional issues. Turning off the water in your home and keeping your home as dry as possible can decrease the likelihood of more problems occurring. Maintaining the wellbeing of the appliances in and around your home and fixing small problems can sometimes prevent flooding altogether. After your home has been affected by flooding, it can also be wise to contact water damage restoration professionals who can assist in mitigation efforts.

Secondary damage such as black mold doesn’t have to be inevitable after a disaster. After your home is affected by flooding, it’s often useful to know when issues secondary to the initial flooding can occur, common examples of additional complications and how to prevent further devastation.

Mold Containment: What You Should Know

3/6/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Containment: What You Should Know Air Systems Must Be Turned Off

3 Things You Should Know About Mold Containment

Have you been dealing with mold contamination at your Liberty, MO, home? If so, you probably have many questions regarding the mold remediation process. Your local restoration technicians can take many steps to restore your property. One of the most important of these is mold containment. Here are three things you should know about this vital process.

1. Containment Stops the Spread of Mold

Why is containment so important? As it turns out, mold spores can spread fairly quickly when they are present. This means that surfaces in your home that are currently unaffected by mold could be damaged without swift action - which is why cleanup professionals quickly take thorough containment steps as part of their mold contamination processes.

2. Air Systems Must Be Turned Off

This is one of the most important steps to take when attempting to prevent mold migration. Air conditioners, heating systems and even fans must be shut down when mold is present, as spores can travel through air and damage other sections of your home that may not be anywhere near the source of mold. If you can, turn off all of your HVAC devices and fans before cleanup crews arrive to quickly reduce the likelihood of extensive mold damage.

3. Different Cleanup Methods Can Be Used

There are a few methods that cleanup professionals may use for mold containment. These can include the use of negative air pressure to halt the spread of mold and negative air chambers to physically isolate any growth. Keep in mind that these are advanced procedures, and your particular situation may warrant other solutions.

If you have any questions about mold contamination or cleanup during the restoration process, do not hesitate to ask your on-site residential remediation professionals. They should have experience dealing with such matters and know how to respond to even some of your most difficult mold-related concerns.

SERVPRO: How Can They Really Be Faster to Any Size Disaster

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO: How Can They Really Be Faster to Any Size Disaster SERVPRO of Clay County is Faster to Any Size Disaster

SERVPRO Faster to Any Size Disaster

In the insurance claim process, a speedy restoration company response matters, and that is why SERVPRO with their Faster to Any Size Disaster motto is leading the industry. However, it is more than just a slogan. It is a tagline that the company stands behind and for several good reasons.

1. 24/7 Emergency Response

Adjusters and clients alike, require the services of restoration companies at all hours. Disaster doesn’t set a clock and therefore emergency response shouldn’t either. SERVPRO’s standard of service is built on the idea of 24/7 availability, meaning that they’re out working while the other guy is sleeping. This level of commitment has not gone unnoticed as the company has been recognized nationally for their dependability.

2. Nationally Available

Additionally, they can make it Faster to Any Size Disaster because there are over 1,700 franchises spread across the country. This level of localization means that the company truly can make it to your client’s home sooner than less expansive brands.

3. Preferred Vendor

Also, SERVPRO only works with preferred vendors, meaning that all contractors and suppliers go through a screening process. Every company is expected to meet specific qualifications and comply with the level of care and professionalism outlined in the company’s standard practices.

4. Residential and Commercial Services

Beyond being nationally available, SERVPRO’s services include both residential and commercial properties, allowing a larger client base. This versatility suits insurance companies well because they typically cater to both large and small clients.

Faster to Any Size Disaster is not merely a slogan. It is a reality. It is an honest description of a company’s ability to receive a call and respond to a client in need, regardless of property size or type. Insurance companies depend on these quick responses to mitigate further loss and to make the claims process more manageable. SERVPRO is a localized company that has a proven reputation of compliance and satisfaction that can provide the level of service both insurers and clients require.

5 Essential First Aid Supplies

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 5 Essential First Aid Supplies Essential items a first aid kit should have

5 Essential First Aid Supplies

A first aid kit should include a variety of medical supplies. Here are five essential items for treating minor injuries on site or protecting more severe injuries until an ambulance arrives at a commercial building in Gladstone, MO.

1. Bandages

Several types of bandages can be helpful for protecting injuries. Adhesive bandages are suitable for minor cuts or scrapes. Include several sizes, butterfly closures, and waterproof versions. Roller bandages are useful for dressing larger wounds. Secure this type of bandage with medical tape or metal closures.

2. Elastic Wraps

Quickly stabilize a sprain or minor to moderate musculoskeletal injuries with an elastic wrap. Avoid wrapping this material too tightly, as it may restrict circulation. A first aid kit for a commercial building should contain several wraps.

3. Gauze Pads

Some injuries are too sensitive for bandages. Use gauze pads to lightly cover minor to moderate burns. This material can also be used to shield more severe burns or other types of injuries until help arrives. It is ideal to have several pad sizes on hand.

4. Scissors

A building owner or manager might not think of scissors when assembling an emergency kit, but this tool can be crucial when dressing wounds. Sharp scissors make it easy to precisely trim a bandage, gauze pad or wrap.

5. Splint

A splint is an essential short-term solution for broken bones or fractures. Try to include various sizes of splints in a kit.

A complete first aid kit should also include other supplies such as antibacterial ointment, blankets, gloves, tweezers, and resuscitation equipment. The five items listed above will enable building occupants to provide basic first aid in an emergency situation. Contact medical help for more severe injuries. Building owners should rely on a commercial mitigation and restoration company to clean and repair a damaged structure after a storm or disaster in Gladstone, MO.

3 Things To Know About Lightning and House Fires

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

3 Things To Know About Lightning and House Fires

A lightning fire can occur quickly and can devastate your home in Kansas City, MO. There are many misconceptions about these types of fire, however, and learning more about these types of fires can help you feel more prepared to react in the event of a fire.

1. Damage to Your Home Is More Likely Than Injury

When lightning strikes, a house fire is often the result; it is relatively uncommon for a person to be struck. In the United States, fewer than 60 people were injured by strikes in four years. However, a significant amount of damage was done to homes in that time period due to fires that occurred as a result of a strike. Unplugging appliances in your home can help to reduce the likelihood of your home being struck.

2. The Time of Year and Environment Matters

In general, a lightning fire is more likely to occur during the summer when storms occur. Additionally, certain environments are more susceptible to fires that are caused by lightning. Areas that are experiencing drought are more likely to see these types of fires since dry grasses and shrubbery can quickly ignite and spread, which can result in extensive damage to the area.

3. Preparation and Education Can Be Useful

If you are outside when a storm begins, there are steps you can take to that can help keep you safe. Keeping away from water and keeping your distance from tall trees and power lines can reduce the likelihood of being struck. If you are inside when a storm occurs, keeping away from windows can also be beneficial. Additionally, knowing how to react if any type of fire occurs in your home can help to keep you and others safe.

Understanding the damage a lightning fire can cause, knowing when this type of fire is likely to occur and knowing how to react during a storm can help you take steps to protect yourself. If your home has been affected by this type of fire, it can be useful to contact fire and storm restoration experts.

Pipe Problems In Home

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Pipe Problems In Home Clogged drain in a Gladstone, MO home

Learn How to Manage Flooding Caused by Bursting Pipes

A well-maintained residence in Gladstone, MO, can still have a few issues with its plumbing system. Learn how to manage flooding caused by bursting pipes with the following how-to suggestions.

1. Inspection

The easiest way to prevent plumbing problems is to routinely inspect your pipes and appliances for leaks. This is especially true of homes with older plumbing made of copper or certain plastics no longer in common use. While such materials are not in need of immediate replacement, they can create an additional risk of damage due to corrosion or cracking, especially at junctures and connection points. Make time to fix broken pipe segments as soon as you notice the damage.

2. Drainage

Clogged drains can present another point of failure for a plumbing system. If you notice water backing up in the basin of your sink or tub, or you hear any unusual noises as water moves through your pipes, you may have some sort of blockage. If left untreated, these clogs can contribute to bursting pipes in your plumbing. While caustic drain cleaners can be effective, they are not the only option. Use mechanical drain snakes or enzymatic clog removers if possible, to preserve the integrity of your plumbing system.

3. Recovery

Sometimes flooding and other water damage can occur regardless of the diligence of the home owner. In these cases, you should take steps to prevent any ongoing damage from water retention by safely draining the water from the premises. Cut all power to the affected area, as this can present a safety hazard. Remove any sensitive documents or electronics. Your home insurance policy likely covers the costs necessary to hire a qualified flood damage restoration service, so contact your provider as soon as possible.

While a home flood due to bursting pipes and other plumbing maladies can be an unfortunate disruption, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the risk of damage and begin the restoration process quickly.

What You Should Know About Mold in Your Home

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation What You Should Know About Mold in Your Home Mold in your Liberty, MO home

Unfortunately, mold growth is a common issue homeowners in Liberty, MO frequently encounter. Various types of mold, including black mold, can result in a costly cleanup. However, it can be helpful for homeowners to learn about mold growth, so the issue can be prevented if possible.

What Causes Mold to Grow?

In your home, there are various reasons mold may grow. However, the following issues make mold growth much more likely to occur.

  • A moisture problem in the home due to high levels of humidity or other factors
  • Locations in the home that are not dry for long periods of time
  • Access to organic materials, which can include a variety of common surfaces in the home

Why Does Mold Reappear?

There are some areas in your home that are more likely to experience mold growth than others. However, when mold keeps appearing in one area after it has been removed, this could be a sign of a problem. If an area does not remain dry and is consistently damp, this can allow mold to grow again in the same area. If mold is not properly removed in a timely manner, black mold may begin to grow in the area.

Can Mold Be Prevented?

Every situation is different, but there are several ways to prevent mold from growing in your home. Since mold thrives in damp environments, keeping your home dry is often important. In areas that experience high levels of humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens, it can be helpful to make sure there is no standing water after appliances have been used. If you do notice standing water, quickly cleaning it can stop mold growth.

Learning more about mold can help you prevent black mold and other types of mold from causing damage to your home. If your home has been affected by mold and you need assistance with the mold cleanup process, consider contacting mold remediation professionals.