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Flooding in Clay County

In the past few weeks the area of Clay County has experienced heavy rainfall which has lead to flooding in many areas. This home was just one of many that fell ... READ MORE

Flood waters left damage in basement

Water in this Liberty, Mo basement was stressful and dangerous. It is important to remember not to go into the water in your basement as it could be dangerous. ... READ MORE

Water invades basement in Gladstone, MO

The spare bedroom in this Gladstone, MO home is located in the basement. With all the heavy rains that have come through over the past few weeks, many homes and... READ MORE

Remediating a moldy floor

SERVPRO of Clay County knows what it takes and has the proper equipment to restore your residential or commercial property when mold damage is found. At the fir... READ MORE

Water damage due to heavy rains

Storm Damage isn’t something you can predict. SERVPRO of Clay County knows that storm damage can happen at anytime, so we make sure to have teams on stand... READ MORE

Flooded basement? Call SERVPRO of Clay County

Did the recent flooding bring water into your basement? This Clay County homeowner experienced a flooded basement during this storm season and they don’t ... READ MORE

Storm damage clean up

During a storm, high winds can cause power line outages and sometimes even knock over power lines near your Kansas City, MO home or business. Wind can cause a l... READ MORE

The destruction caused by a storm

HAve you had flooding in your home and had no clue how it happened? If your home's foundation has cracks, keep on reading. Even the tiniest openings that may se... READ MORE

Stay prepared at all times for the unexpecting storm

Clogged gutters could potentially cause storm damage to your home. When it rains and the water has no path to follow, that is a recipe for major storm damage. T... READ MORE

Storms are destructive, let SERVPRO of Clay County help!

A storm will leave your home or business in shambles. High waters can bring water damage to your property. It will also leave your property vulnerable due to br... READ MORE